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El Salvador Article

The Story of Wholesale Body Piercing Jewelry

The Story of Wholesale Body Piercing Jewelry

Wholesale Body Piercing Jewelry Wholesale body piercing jewelry is fast becoming a popular fashion statement. From Scarlet Johansson_s tragus ring to Kelly Clarkson_s navel ring- body piercing jewelry is a total rage.
The custom of body piercing has been prevalent in some cultures, like the Egyptians but the trend of wearing them was revived by the hippies in the 70s_. With the dawn of the pop culture, wholesale body piercing acquired greater momentum as it is now seen as a means of self expression.
Wholesale Body Piercing Jewelry: Metals Used
Wholesale body piercing is safe but not all the metals are safe to be used as body jewelry. The safe metals that are used for wholesale body piercing jewelry are those which arepatible with the human body, thereby you can be sure that these do not cause allergies. If the metal reacts with the body tissues unfavorably, it could cause severe health problems. Metals such as cadmium, bronze, copper, chromium, lead, nickel and iron must be avoided as these are likely to react adversely with the skin. Mostmon metals used in the production of achadirect store/?main_page=index&cPath=108_116_401wholesale body piercing jewelry are platinum, titanium, niobium, gold, silver and stainless steel. Generally, surgically implanted grade stainless steel and titanium are used. Gold, with designation of 14k or higher, is most popular.
Evolution of Wholesale Body Piercing Jewelry
Until before the Renaissance, the West considered body piercing as a practice of the savage barbarian tribes. Just as Renaissance triggered newfound awareness about several things, it began to consider body piercing with a little more understanding. The sailors of the Elizabethan age came to understand from tribes that they believed ear piercing improved long distance vision. So, sailors were known to practice ear piercing to develop long distance vision. In the Victorian age, quite shockingly, genital piercing becamemon. It was done topel women to remain chaste. After the Victorian period, body piercing became almost extinct until the 1970_s. This was when the hippie culture focused on uninhibited self expression and once again, body piercing began again.pared to all forms of achadirect store/?main_page=index&cPath=108_118_357body piercing jewelry, the earring is perhaps the only body piercing jewelry that has stood the test of time and remained popular across all ages.
When buying wholesale body piercing jewelry, it is your right to ask questions, clear doubts and even understand the difference between a simulated and chemically enhanced gemstone. For expertise and accurate information on whole sale body piercing jewelry, visit achadirect storeachadirect store/
AchaDirect a leading manufacturer of excellent quality achadirect body piercing jewelry offers a large variety of jewelry collection including belly and nose rings, nipple rings, tongue rings at wholesale prices. Place you order online!

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