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El Salvador Article

Pet society - Cheat engine 5.5 Money Hacks, don't get BANNED!

Pet society - Cheat engine 5.5 Money Hacks, don't get BANNED!

First a little bit about pet society then i will tell you how i hacked pet society using cheat engine 5.5 , and i will show you where you can get the artikkel petsocietyguide pet society guide that will give you lot's of money and pawpoints without using cheatengine 5.5, or getting you banned.
Well ive been playing pet society for some time now. love that little pet of mine and decorating the house, i have lots of fun trying to earn myself enough coins for upgrades and getting all the trophies. Even though some of them trophies takes ALOT of effort to get. Especially at the higher levels.Well that was before i got banned and had to start over again..
I got my hand on cheat engine 5.5 and saw some videos about how i could hack in this game, so i thought, what the heck lets give it a shot. I did the coin hack, and hacked myself some pawpoints using only the guides that were in the videos. After a while the hacks stopped working, the game was being patched they said. This was something the creators of the game did when they found out it was being hacked, and that seemed to happen alot.
Well new hacks came, i did the searches using cheat engine 5.5 , changed a line of coddde and i was ready to hack again. This went on for about a month, when suddenly one day i couldn't log into the pet society anymore, and i got an mail in my inbox from playfish, that they had reset my entire game, and that i had to start from scratch because i had broken their rules.
Yes, i actually got banned..
Well, then i had to start over again, doing everything legit. But this time i got my hands on a pet society guide to help me out, it showed me step by step how to get the most out of the game, how to get ALOT of coins, how to get all the throphies as fast as possible and wow, i could'nt belive within WEEKS i reached level 47. So if you are hacking like i was, i would recommend you check out this lolsalads.wordpress pet society guide, it shows techniques for doing things you couldn't dream off, and best of all you won't get BANNED like i was.
To avoid getting bannend like i was and totally dominate everyone in pet society, lolsalads.wordpress check out this guide

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