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Ladies Home Journal Article

Hoosier Lotto & Home-Grown Success

Hoosier Lotto & Home-Grown Success

thelotter LotteryInfo.aspx?pageId=25&id=104&countryRef=409Hoosier lotto has the distinction of being the only lottery in all the US states to use the state’s nickname. Hoosier is the nickname for the US state of Indiana. The lottery came into existence when voters passed a referendum with a 62% majority in 1988 and in the subsequent year, were rewarded with the passing of the Lottery Act in the Indiana General Assembly.
Hoosier Lotto Portfolio
The Hoosier lottery is a member of the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL), a non-profit, government-aid organization formed between seven distinct US lotteries. MUSL facilitates almost all aspects of lotteries, such as design, finance, production, and broadcast of draws, developing core IT and security standards and coordination between diverse lottery organizations. In conjunction with Camelot in the UK and Francaise des Jeux in France, the MUSL is developing a worldwide lottery game. Currently, the MUSL handles seven games in all. These are:
Hoosier Lotto Powerball Quick Draw Lucky 5 Daily 3 Daily 4 Mix & Match Interestingly, Hoosier lotto is the first lottery to offer a prize in excess of $1million in a scratch-off game. The Hoosier annuity jackpot is paid in 30 annual instalments and is set at $1million for the first two draws and increases by $500, 000 with each draw.
Except for Powerball, draws for all games are held at the Hoosier Lottery Headquarters in Indianapolis. The site is also the location of the online vendor of the lottery, Scientific Games. Hoosier lotto results are no longer arrived at by drawing numbered balls out of a machine. Instead, a computerized random number generator is used to select the winning numbers. Each draw is videotaped and supervised for authenticity by the Hoosier Lottery security members and an independent auditor.
Hoosier Luckier Than Rest?
Back in 1989, 8.19 million tickets were sold on just the first day of ticket sales. Within a week, takings from sales were up to $21 million. This rapid rise to popularity remained unabated and in the same year, the Hoosier Millionaire television show was launched. The show continued till 2005.
The largest amount ever won in the Hoosier lotto was $54.5 million in 2007. In the past, the Hoosier lotto jackpot has been won 93 times. Records show that players of Powerball have taken away over $1 billon as jackpot money. For their part, the organizers have given back to society more than $3.4 billion for the Build Indiana Fund, the Fire Fighters Pension Relief Fund, Teachers Retirement Fund and Police Pension Relief Fund.
While 10% is distributed to retailers, 2% is paid out as salaries and expenses, and 1% is used for advertising. The remainder 61% of the earnings go back to the players in the form of prizes. No doubt, the do-good factor is working in favour of the lottery. In July 2005, sales of lotteries touched a landmark high of $739 million - translating into a transfer of funds to the State of Indiana amounting to $2.7 billion.
For more information visit the thelotteryblog lottery blog or follow us on twitter TheLotteryBlogTwitter. The author is associated with Veda Informatics, a vedainformatics website design & development company offering content development, website design, web development, website content writing services, SEO services, SEM, PPC management and other web services.

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